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BACA jewellery



Founder - BACA Jewellerly empowers women and gives them a voice to share their stories with the global community. No other jewellery brand on the high-street focuses on working with survivors of human trafficking where "women empower women". 









Advisor - Up&Up is a Snowboard brand that empowers women and gives them a voice to share their stories with the global community. GetUpandUp to look stylish and fresh on the slopes while showing everyone that you are a socially responsible rider!








AHA Design




Advisor - We’re a team of fresh-thinking creatives, passionate about supporting charities and young entrepreneurs through building dynamic brands and websites. Expertise: Recruitment












I am passionate. about Social Entrepreneurship. Over 15 years of retail experience, 4 years of corporate banking, Bachelor in Science of Business with Entrepreneurship. UnLtd award winner. StartUp Loan recipient. 


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Kids cutlery




Created by two amazing parents in the US. Constructive Eating Cutlery Set is the must have for kids.


Buy here (Swiss and Lie customers only)


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